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"God Created
the World "

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God Created the World

genesis 1:1-19

In the beginning God made the heavens and the earth. Only God was there.

God said, “Let the light shine.” And light began to shine. God separated the light (the day) from the darkness (the night). This was the first day.

God separated the waters from the sky. This was the second day.

God said, “Let the water gather together and let dry land appear.”

God called the water “seas” and the
dry land “earth.” God saw that what He had made was good.

God said, “Let plants and trees grow on the earth.” All kinds of plants with seed and trees began to grow. God saw that all these things were good. That was the third day.

God said, “Let lights shine in the sky to provide light on the earth.” God made the sun for the day and the moon for the night. He placed stars in the sky to shine in the night. He placed all the planets in the sky. God saw it was good. This was the fourth day. God said everything He made was good.

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Genesis 1:31


 Hebrews 3:4


Jeremiah 32:17


Exodus 20:11


Isaiah 40:28


Romans 8:19


Psalm 124:8