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"Samson Chose Revenge "

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Samson Chose Revenge

Judges 13–16

God chose Samson before he was born to serve God . Because he was a Nazirite, Samson could not cut his hair . Samson grew and God blessed him . But Samson chose to do things that displeased God . Samson loved a Philistine
woman named Delilah .

The Philistines promised to pay her
a lot of money if she could get Samson
to tell where his great strength came from . Three times she asked Samson to tell her the secret of his strength . Each time he gave her a different answer . None of them were true . Each time he was tied up, he was able to break free . Delilah became angrier . Finally, Samson told her if his hair was cut, his strength would leave him .

Delilah sent word to the Philistines . While Samson was sleeping, a man cut Samson’s hair . When he awoke and tried to escape, he no longer had his strength .

Samson was captured by the Philistines . They made him blind . They put him in shackles and used him to grind their grain . Samson’s hair began to grow back .

While celebrating his capture, the Philistines brought him from prison to entertain them . They stood Samson between the great pillars of the temple . Samson asked God to give him strength one more time . God gave Samson strength and he pushed on the pillars with all of his might . The temple collapsed and killed Samson and all of the people in it .

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